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​Lloyd Bradley

London, England

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The Rough Guide To Men’s Health

Rough Guide, 2009


Now in its second edition, a book that provides everything you need to know to make sure your lifestyle won’t be harming your lifespan. Avoiding waffle and well-being fascism, it dispenses down-to-earth health advice, whether you are in the kitchen, on the town, at the gym, in the bedroom or just looking in the mirror. How to cope with sports injuries, stress at work, holiday hedonism or losing your hair, but, most importantly, how to live better without giving up on getting the most out of life.


“An uncomplicated guide to all you need to know about your health without being preached to.” The Times Magazine


The Rough Guide To Running

Rough Guide, 2007


Whether you have already notched up many miles or are taking your first steps, this has something for you, from good technique, goal setting and motivation to schedules, preparation and dealing with injuries and strains. A team of professional runners, coaches and health experts, including a nutritionist and an osteopath contribute to offer the best advice on shoes, clothes, accessories and gadgets, while covering fun runs, charity runs and competitive racing, with a guide to the best marathons and running events from around
the world.


“A power brew of reliable guidance and inspirational tips” Google Books


Click on the cover to buy the book

Click on the cover to buy the book

The Rough Guide To Cult Sport

Rough Guide, 2011


Beyond merely “quirky”, Cult Sport takes a tour of the world’s weirdest competitive sports – bun climbing, bog snorkeling, extreme ironing – and meets some of the most unlikely sportsmen and women. It rakes over some of sport’s greatest controversies and relives bitter rivalries, while running through some ridiculous statistics. It also explains why some apparently mainstream sports have enduring cult appeal and why some players are loved in spite of never actually coming close to winning anything. Everything for the armchair sports fan or aspiring pub bore.


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