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​Lloyd Bradley

London, England

"A wonderful celebration of the contribution Africans and Caribbeans have made to music we now know as pop"  Dr Shirley J Thompson

Co-curated by Lloyd Bradley and Scott Leonard, an exhibition of British black music and those who made it, exploring 100 years of creativity and ingenuity to celebrate the players, promoters, producers and punters that shaped the UK’s social history.

Combining sound, moving image, archive material and interactive involvement it dynamically tells the story of British black music. The narrative is thematically divided into Theory; Practice; and Result, themes that are constant throughout the music's 
history, linking individuals, generations and genres, tracking the evolution of multi-cultural Britain through sound and amisntream success on its own terms. It features  a continuous timeline marking the turning points and important events – musical, political and social – that shaped Britain’s black music, while unique visuals of 100 of the most significant records reflect that progress as  creative output. 

A truly unique experience reflecting a truly unique musical story. 

Black Sound: Black British Music's Journey of Creative Independence, until mid-February 2018

The Black Cultural Archive  

1 Windrush Square, Brixton, London SW2 1EF

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 to 18.00      Free admission

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