​Lloyd Bradley

London, England

"far more engrossing than most bland football memoirs"  The  Sunday Times

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Ian Wright: A Life In Football

LittleBrown, 2016


Ian Wright, Arsenal legend, England striker and TV pundit extraordinaire, is one of the most interesting and relevant figures in modern football. His journey from a South London council estate to national treasure is everybody's dream. He reveals all about his extraordinary life and career and frankly discusses how retirement affects footballers, why George Graham deserves a statue, social media, why music matters, breaking Arsenal's goal-scoring record, racism, the unadulterated joy of playing alongside Dennis Bergkamp and, of course, what he thinks of Tottenham.

"This book shows us much more than Ian Wright the footballer and many will benefit through reading as they will probably see an aspect of themselves." Comicus


"ghost writer Lloyd Bradley translates the natural intelligence and observational astuteness of the former tearaway into considered analysis."  The Sports Bookshelf


"told with such sensitivity and candour, an entertaining autobiography" Patrick Barclay

"a warm and engaging read"  the Sunday Post 

"Wonderful . . . an uplifting true tale of triumph against hardship"    Pride

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Marcia Barrett

Forward – My Life With & Without Boney M

LittleBrown, 2018


Coming to London aged thirteen from desperate poverty in Jamaica; pregnant at fifteen; fifteen years later singing in Boney M, one of the biggest international groups of the late-1970s; a messy group split during the 1980s; a 1990s solo career interrupted by six bouts of cancer - ovarian, breast, lymph node (twice), spine and oesophagus - and having to learn to walk again.

Yet throughout Marcia Barrett has remained totally cheerful, relentlessly optimistic and a shining inspiration, looking on every obstacle as a mere inconvenience rather than anything insurmountable. Now, she is ready to tell her fantastic story, which is much more than just a pop star autobiography.
It is a charming, candid, laugh-out-loud story of survival, triumph, indomitable spirit and total upfullness, often driven by sheer force of will. It is a feelgood story which will resonate amongst all.

"more than just a pop star autobiography"   The Daily Telegraph

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